We aim at providing quality education to the children of low income group. Making them equipped with all essential resources for their academic growth. Child is just like a tree, without proper guidance all resouces will be wasted. Therefore, we also mentor their capable minds to reach out to their capabilities.Mentoring is widely recognized as contributing to strong and healthy communities. Mentoring helps forge stronger links for students in career and employment programs, so young Albertans are able to take full advantage of the working and learning opportunities available in the province.Pre University Education (Class 11th & 12th) falls under schooling education, but the aim is to provide the students with a basic introduction of University education. Up to 10th class, a student’s mind doesn’t develop as much as it does in the senior classes. The Pre University or senior class education is aimed at developing the analytical and creative skills of the students. We all know that University or college education is very different from schooling education. Students must prepare him/her self for the college environment and education level. Pre University education plays a very important role in that. You must have seen that the subjects in first year of the University education are quite similar to that of senior classes. It is because University education starts from where we finish our pre university education. It maintains the flow and increases the chances of better learning

The parents and guardians should understand the value of education and send their children to primary schools. A cultivator or a laborer would think that his son should help him in his work rather than go to school and waste his time over books that would not enable him to earn more. He thinks that education is a luxury which the ‘gentleman’ can alone afford. Such parents should be made aware of the benefits of education.