Developing a career in a chosen field is something many of us aspire to. Experience alone, in many cases does not suffice when employers are seeking to promote their staff. By undertaking further training, the opportunity to develop your career is enhanced. Training not only provides you with the skills in a particular area. By undertaking further training you build your networking, time management, communication and negotiation skills. Increase your knowledge and understanding of your local industry Interskills trainers are experts in their fields – they are closely connected within their industry. This provides you with local industry knowledge to supplement your growing skills.

Resource sharing helps with the fact that needs of poor children is increasingly diverse, interdisciplinary and ever expanding and hence improved or enhanced access to needed information and to greater range of materials and/or better depth in a subject area (not necessarily mean faster service) is a necessity.

(1) Make adequate preparatory study and analysis with clear objectives.

(2) Good planning, a continuing education programme for staff and a well conceived organisational structure will be provided.

(3) We will Ensure technical compatibility between participating institutions.

(4) Adequate arrangements for monitoring services and for responding to the feedback information thus received will be made.

(5) We will Ensure good transport and communication facilities.

(5) We will Ensure good transport and communication facilities.