We aim to pool in the resources of the young generation depending on where they are in their lives. Whether a student is just entering college or is studying in college currently or has graduated, we believe students from different walks of life can help sort out the problems of other students just like themselves.

Abhikalpana is strategically positioned at the middle of education chain of Indian education system, thus making it better equipped to support & handle the woos of pre-college, college & alumni. We’re a platform to pool the resources of Alumni, Colleges, Cure students, industry and channelize them to the resource deficit areas of India education system. We work on the grassroot level, identify the problems, encourage students to share their grievances, match the problems to solutions & resolve them by directing & pooling the resources from Education community. 3 steps of the Abhikalpana Way of Work: - Collect & Identify the problems - Matching and redirecting - Providing logistics & on ground - Support. - Problem Resolution.

1. We Give children free education till completion of education in a neighbourhood school.

. We make provisions for a non-admitted child to be admitted to an age appropriate class.

3. We adhere to norms and standards relating inter alia to Pupil Teacher Ratios (PTRs), buildings and infrastructure, school-working days, teacher-working hours.

4. You may volunteer for rational deployment of teachers by ensuring that the specified pupil teacher ratio is maintained for each school, rather than just as an average for the State or District or Block, thus ensuring that there is no urban-rural imbalance in teacher postings.

5.We are strictly against (a) physical punishment and mental harassment; (b) screening procedures for admission of children; (c) capitation fee;

6.It provides for development of curriculum in consonance with the values enshrined in the Constitution, and which would ensure the all-round development of the child, building on the child’s knowledge, potentiality and talent and making the child free of fear, trauma and anxiety through a system of child friendly and child centred learning.